Mondial Marmi


Who owns Mondial Marmi?

Mondial Marmi is a group of two companies, MONDIAL MARMI SRL & MONDIAL MARMI FZE. The two are separate legal entities sourcing and catering to different parts of the world but overlap on many projects. Please refer to ABOUT US for more information about the two companies.

Does Mondial Marmi own quarries?

MONDIAL MARMI SRL is a partner in the Azul Macaubas quarry in Brazil. In addition, MONDIAL MARMI SRL & FZE both enjoy strategic relationships with quarry owners in Italy, Brazil, Europe, & Asia. We utilize this advantage in favor of our customers by providing a wide range of quality products at competitive costs. For more information, please refer to the SERVICES-MULTINATIONAL section of this site.

Does Mondial Marmi have its own factories?

Yes, MONDIAL MARMI SRL owns two production facilities. A fully equipped plant in Perugia (Italy), with various machinery including CNC & Honeycomb technology. This enables us to cater to any technical requirement including very complex projects like luxury yachts and VIP villas. In addition, we have a slab production plant in Carrara, which caters to polishing & treatment requirements. Aside from these two facilities, our company has partner plants all over the world where we outsource production in many cases, and we also have a strict QC system to ensure that the quality is up to our standard. Please refer to ABOUT US & SERVICES-TECHNICAL for more information.

Does Mondial Marmi have a quality control system?

Mondial Marmi believes in Murphy’s Law that says “whatever can go wrong, will go wrong”. As such, we have a very strict QA/QC system in place whereby every shipment is inspected prior to dispatch to the customer. We have such systems in all the sources of export. Every shipment is inspected, documented with photos, container and seal numbers, and all other details such as content of shipment etc. As we outsource production in many parts of the world, we compensate for that through this system making us a global trusted source. Our management team personally follow this matter closely since they handle all the clients and therefore, the personal reputation of the managers comes into question if the quality of the product supplied is inferior.

Why should I go through Mondial Marmi & not go directly to quarry owners?

Mondial Marmi’s history and experience has given our company an edge over our competitors. We bank on our efficient pool of human capital, branches, partners, and vast geographic exposure, which are all factors that have made us experts in all sectors of the natural stone industry. All our materials supplied from Italy are produced from blocks purchased from the quarries, and go through the entire production process, all the way down to the smallest details. We have extensive technical experience in quarrying, cut to size, special features like waterjet & CNC products. As well, our company is the first in Italy in the Honeycomb technology. We execute at least five projects per year using this methodology, most popular for Yacht projects and light weight stone requirements.

Moreover, our management team in Dubai has worked on major projects worldwide and as such, can provide our clients with much added value, including value engineering, design proposals, execution support and many other services.

Who shall I contact for help?

You are welcome to contact us at the links provided at this site, in whichever mode that makes you happy. We are available 365 days a year and speak more than 10 languages!